Pieces of AMN

In parallel to my artistic activity I wanted to develop a range of jewelry valuing the French craft heritage while remaining within the same aesthetic lineage as my works. After more than a year of research and prototyping, the first series objects such as candle holders and rings is now available and have been realised in partnership with a craftsman turner (winner of Les Olympiades des Métiers). All the rings and candle holders are hand made in France. The rings are available in sterling silver and bronze. Each ring has its own case which is of the same shape and is 3D printed. Black for the silver rings, white for the bronze rings. The candle holders are made in aluminum. By combining the use of 3D modeling and printing tools with artisanal craft, I would like to push the limits of manufacturing ever further through the design and materials used.

The series of rings is called Pieces of AMN. t plays with notions of scale which has an important role in the understanding and appreciation of the work. An alternative way of approaching the artwork is proposed: wearing it, and by doing so, appropriating it. Pieces of AMN is part of the AMN project, its pieces being themselves sections of the AMN sculptures realised with digital milling.

24 rue de l'Est, 75020 Paris, France