Brand concept

Lea Maleh is a French-Lebanese designer, currently based in Paris. Her collections aim to reunite art and design by playing with notions of scale, from monumental art pieces to jewellery design and lifestyle objects. Inspired by liturgical objects, her pieces are stripped of all religious symbolism and sublimated by the aesthetic appeal of the materials used and the precision and simplicity of the lines.

Each piece is unique and made by hand in France using traditional craftsmanship mixed up with new technologies such as 3D printing and digital milling. The unisex style mirrors a personality attracted to the innovative and the unusual, each piece being a powerful statement through shape and materials.

About Léa

After graduating from the Lebanese Academy of Fine Arts, Léa started her career as an architect and designer, working on various high-end projects. Growing up in Beirut, within the coexistence of different cultures and religions, which have profoundly influenced her creative vision. Throughout the years, Léa’s work has always been marked by an obsessive attention to detail and a quest to sublimate all type of materials through the work of traditional craftsmen and the use of new technologies.

24 rue de l'Est, 75020 Paris, France